NextGen CTE- Information Technology Pathway

The High Plains Regional Education Cooperative—Online Resource Center  develops skills for students in the Information Technology Pathway to encourage computer science and problem-solving skills. These competencies are critical to improving Northeastern New Mexico’s and the nation’s competitiveness. More specifically, these skills are critical for the success of the new rural CTE and regional economic development efforts.


To further support efforts and member district’s Continuous Learning Plans during state-mandated school closures, HPREC continues to offer online learning opportunities for students.

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Learn more about the High Plains Regional Education Cooperative partnership to provide students with best-in-class resources to advance education and career path opportunities.


Perkins V

Perkins V maintains a primary focus on the development and maintenance of effective CTE programs of study (POS) that prepare students for successful entry into the workforce. The new law emphasizes data-driven decision making and planning, especially at the local level. Labor market information can be used to determine the status of high-demand, high-wage, and high skill jobs within the state and local regions. This information can guide decisions and planning around CTE POS. Under Perkins V, all eligible agencies are required to demonstrate a strong alignment between POS and state/local workforce needs that is supported by relevant and current workforce data.

More information, visit High Plains REC.

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